North Northumberland Voluntary Forum Small Grants Opportunity is a one off grant to allow at least 3 people of any age and with a common interest to come together to keep active, make new friends, increase a sense of community and benefit both mental and physical health.

The new group could be a sub-group of an already existing activity e.g German Discussion Group following existing German Evening Class. Examples of a new group could be:

  • Group linked by activity or hobbies – sewing, knitting, fishing, jewellery making, craft, gardening, cooking/recipe swapping
  • Medical issues – Carers support, Lupus, arthritis self-help, weight-loss support, exercise for those with health issues
  • Age or family circumstances – parents group for young children, recently bereaved, growing old disgracefully
  • Interests – Italian conversation, chess, family or local history
  • Sports – Young golfers, kite surfing, skateboarding, older tennis players, yoga
  • Visiting others areas to see what’s happening there or maybe a trip out to add experience

A one off grant of £100 would be used for set up costs, room hire, publicity, printing, refreshments, phone calls, stationery, material, travel or any other appropriate expenses.

If you have an idea and would like to apply for funding then download the application form or contact the NNVF Administrator for further information (Tel 01289 304141).


Download  Small Grants Opportunity – Guidelines


Download Small Grants Opportunity – Application Form