Volunteering in North Northumberland

“Supporting the people who support our Communities”

Volunteering in North Northumberland is a unique brokerage service set up to support community organisations, groups and charities in identifying and referring potential volunteers who fit the bill.

Many social enterprises, charities and community organisations and support services are continuously seeking enthusiastic, compassionate and caring volunteers to support the ongoing needs of communities.

Recently we have been seeking drivers to pick up recycled food from supermarkets and deliver to Northern Soul Kitchen in order to reduce food waste and support local families, helping Berwick Community Trust deliver food parcels, identifying potential befrienders who are able to chat to isolated members of the community on a regular basis, volunteer support at the Berwick Vaccination Centre, delivering small sacks of logs to isolated residents in villages in North Northumberland for the Northumberland Log Bank and many more.

So……. If you are a Community Group seeking volunteers – get in touch and let us help you identify volunteers who can support your local projects

So ………Looking to volunteer and want to help people, meet new people, learn new skills and support your local communities? Get in touch for an informal discussion of how you can help make a difference.

Call us or send an email for more information

Volunteering in North Northumberland
Project Coordinator – Lynda Swinden
Mobile: 07783 331 549
Telephone: 01289 304141
Email: lyndaswinden.volunteeringnn@gmail.com

Be a part of Making a Difference – You’re going to love it!